~ Bring Them Home ~
I sit on my front porch
And view a beautiful scene
Looking at grass
So smooth and so green

Then my mind flashes quickly
To a far away land
Where many dear loved ones
Sleep in holes in the sand

I drift back to my thoughts
Of how blessed I am
My babies are safe
Here at my hand

Then one needs a drink
I quickly respond
With cool clear water
Not from a dirty pond

Then I lift up my head
And view the heavens so grand
Knowing Jesus, it's all
In the palm of your hand

I ask you dear Father
Please listen to me
I know you see Iraq and America
As plain as can be

Please send some blessings
To our Troops over there
And give them the strength
They need to bear

The hardships they've chosen
That we may be free
Here in America
My babies and me

Bless them with rest
They're tired I believe
Give them the water
They so badly need

Yes, You are watching
From there up on high
We feel like too many
Have already died

Just reach down from heaven
With your mighty hand
Make it easier for them
To dwell in the sand

Bring them back quickly
To their families and friends
Only You are able,
Bring this war to an end

Betty Hill 2006

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