Broken Vessel by ACW Graphics
My Power is made Perfect in weakness

~ Broken Vessel ~

Christ took this weak and cracking jar
And hurled it at the cross.
It broke into tiny fragments
So I would not be lost!

Then He took those tiny pieces
Into His nail-scarred hands
And ground them into powder
Much finer than the sands.

He took that silken powder
And mixed it with His blood,
And turned that soft mixture
Into a ball of mud.

He tenderly formed that ball
Into a vessel, strong for Him,
And filled it with His grace and power,
Which could not be broke again.

Then He took that strong vessel,
Left it 'neath His Splintered Tree,
So I'd be filled with love and peace
Throughout all eternity!


Lynn King 2005

II Timothy 2:21
If a man therefore purge himself from these,
he shall be a vessel unto honor,
sanctified and meet for the Master's
use and prepared unto every good work.

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