Flights Of Fancy

~  A Butterfly With A Broken Wing  ~

I saw a butterfly one day
With a broken wing,
She could not fly around
To hear the birds that sing

I was in my patio
When this beauty came to me
A butterfly may not cry,
But she has eyes to see.


She was just like any other
With all the colors of the world,
This butterfly with the broken wing
A reminder of myself,
Put in a golden cage
Where no one wants to look.

So I mended her broken wing
The very best I could,
In a moment she was off
To make of life the best she could.

For me, here in this golden cage
Not often do I see the light
Yet I am happy,
For I never miss a sight...
Flowers of all colors, rainbows I behold
Gardens and sweet smells
Each bird and butterfly
Giving me some rest.

I owe much to the butterfly
I found without a wing,
She taught me life is beautiful
No matter what it brings.


Freedom is your eyes
Senses all awake,
Everything a gift from heaven
A happy life to take.

So, I smile at the butterfly
As it reaches to the sky,
I have a reason to be here
I will not ask God why.


Linda Ann Henry © 2005
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