~*~ I Want To Have Butterflies This Christmas ~*~





I  Want          

To Have           


This Christmas            

This Christmas I will ask my Mommy and Daddy too
If I can have some butterflies in the sky so blue
I love the colors of the rainbow, in my hair of gold
They are bright red, green, and orange
I watch them, as they go

I hear birds singing on this Christmas Day
Yet all I want are butterflies
To stay with me and play
Their wings are like no other
I believe they are so beautiful and true
I know they will live in my garden
All the year through

White butterflies this Christmas
Circle around my head
They like me to touch them
Before I go to bed

I want to have Butterflies this Christmas
In the leaves and flowers too
It does not snow here
The sun shines and the silver moon's aglow
When I wake this Christmas
I will step out on the balcony
There will be butterflies all around
They will be kissing me

Linda Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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