~ The Candle ~

Today I stopped into a chapel
I passed along the way.
There I lit a candle
As I stopped for you to pray.

I prayed for peace to fill
Your heart, your soul, your life;
To take away your pain,
Your sorrows and your strife.

I prayed that God would use you
As you witness everyday,
That NOTHING placed within your path
Would hinder you in any way.

That your success be overflowing
That He guide you 'long the way;
And that your talents flow thru Him above
As you so beautifully sing and play!

May joy and love be with you,
Perfect peace and happiness;
And the Love from God overflow your cup
And you settle for Nothing less!

That the Hope that He has granted
Be with you throughout all eternity,
And that Father God's will be done
No matter what His will may be.

Lynn King 2005

Come to me all ye who are heavy laden
and I shall give you rest.
For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
Matthew 12: 28-28

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