Can I Stay With You, Jesus

I want to stay with You, dear Jesus
I will not run away, when they take You
I wish I could walk behind You,
as they decide Your fate
I want to stand by You as they beat You
until You fall to your knees
I could wash the blood that flows
And cry the tears that You are too weak to show.

Might I help hold You up as much as I can
You are the King of Kings, the greatest man
May I go with You as You carry Your cross
I feel so bad that people You love, must see you so.

When they put the nails in Your hands and feet
The thorns on Your head, make me cry
I wish I knew what to say to You
and the reason why.

Can I be with You as You take your last breath
I look around and I see miracles before my very eyes
You, The Lord Jesus makes them, that is why
When You die, I know that eternal life begins
That is why the Lord Jesus died for our sins.

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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