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It's the time of year for pumpkins
For Autumn leaves to fall
It's time for ghosts and goblins
To dress, and come to call

As Summer starts to fade away
A chill will fill the air
The squirrels will gather acorns
To later come and share

Then wind will soon be blowing
It's blustering wake-up call
For then will come the Winter
As we say goodbye to Fall

Then it will be the time for fun
As the Holidays come again
Bringing with them memories
Of Christmases "back when"

When we all wore our mittens
To keep the cold away
And rode our sleds down hillsides
Tossing snowballs all the way

How I love the change of seasons
And how it makes my spirits lift
Each time I see them changing
For, each has it's special gift!

by Janeane Bolton 2002

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