~ A Child Of Our Heart  ~

Our family started out
Just a family of four
But as the years went by
We adopted just one more.

A precious little boy
A mom had given up
Not because He was not loved
She just did not have enough.

His Momma sacrificed for him
So he'd have a better life
She was not able to provide
Her life was filled with strife.

We'd prayed for one more child
To come into our home
God saw fit to bless us
The child was never alone.

Once in his life he questioned
Just who his mother was
He wondered what she looked like
And what really was the cause.

That she'd let him go
Into another mother's arms
Did she just not want him?
Or was it to keep him safe from harm?

He had a right to know
All that we knew to tell
After we shared it all with him
He took it all very well.

Now his life is content
He'd settled it once and for all
He really knew she loved him
But he understood her fall.

Now he's a fine young man
With a happy outlook on life
Fits right into our family
He knows in his heart she was right.

Betty Hill 2005
Dedicated to our son "Kerry"
"He is not a child of our body,
But he is a child of our heart"


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