~ Child of the Street ~

I have been there before, so still observe
Abandoned, not knowing if you believe anyone's word.
A child lost, caught up with survival's fight
Barely old enough to realize wrong from right.

Many years may pass, an adult you become
Still when you look around, you are still one.
To sell yourself to the highest bidder
Still hiding the pain with all the highs given.

Child of the street, so very lost as well alone
Never sure if the next day, you'll have a home.
Today, always saying, it's going to be the last
Time to straighten out and leave behind the past.

So hard it is to find the right direction to go
Who you can trust to get you there, still don't know.
I see them still, even some are my good friends
Still having the trust that will help in the end.

So when you see them standing on the corner so cold
Don't look in disgust or even turn up your nose.
Not having the training to break themselves free
The only family they have, are also on the street.

If they feel like talking, listen to their words
When they need a friend, try to enter their world.
Still in the very least, include them in your prayers
I do all of that, because at one time I was there.

If it were not for prayers of those who loved me
Strangers who took the time to see who I might be.
To take me into their lives, teaching to love
Their belief in the Word of the Lord up above.


Gary Salter 2005

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