As I sit to ponder this moment
Of all that I shall write
I sure wonder how another year
Just vanished from our sight

Maybe we were so busy
Enjoying being us
Traveling along together
Sharing so much fun

Delighting one another with gifts
Of love that came along
Praying for each other's good
When we forgot our song

Helping the other grow
Through struggles on our way
Being there in painful times
With gentle words to say

Somehow then, each day
Became a little bit of Christmas
Because of all we knew
A special touch of bliss

Now the year has gone and you must know
How very grateful I have been
God giving us our friendship
Has so blessed the heart of me

Soft Whispers for special you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

"If I honor the love of Christmas in my heart,
then I keep it all the year."
-Charles Dickens






midi...If Every Day Was Like Christmas
Written by Red West
Performed by Elvis Presley
Seq by Deb Ackley, 10/24/98

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