~ Christmas Eve ~

I toss and turn most of the night,
trying to picture with all my might,
under the tree what will I find,
maybe a doll all dressed in red
or a bright new shiny sled.
Mamma says please go to sleep,
I don't want to hear another peep.
When she leaves the room I think,
I'll tiptoe downstairs to take a look.
Oh, no she's sitting there reading a book.

I must get back in bed before
she sees me standing by the door.
It wouldn't do to make any noise
'cause then for sure I'd get no toys.

Then I tell myself with a wink,
I'll lay here quiet as a mouse
and wait for Santa to come to our house.

Mamma is calling my name,
wake up sleepyhead she says
come down look under the tree.
Oh, what do I see, a bright shiny sled
and a doll all dressed in red.

Beulah Marie Starr 2005


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