~ Christmas Past and Present ~

I Believe in Santa
~ ~ ~
Butterflies in tummy
Santa's on his way
whatever will he bring me
I can't hardly wait

Will I get a dolly?
Been good as I can be
excited for the morning
and presents 'neath the tree

Left out lots of cookies
and carrots for his help
wish that I could see him
and all the little elves

Can't hardly wait for Christmas
my stocking will be full
but only if I listen
to mom and be real good
~ ~ ~
Outgrew Santa
~ ~ ~
Mommy buys the presents
daddy stays up late
putting stuff together
aft, I've gone to bed

I let them keep pretending
it's really fun for me
still I leave out cookies
near the Christmas Tree

They fill my sock with candy
and nifty little toys
tell me Santa's watching
all the girls and boys

I know that he is make believe
it's really dad and mom
so I'll go on pretending
its fun to play along
~ ~ ~
I am Santa
~ ~ ~
The kids are all excited
refuse to go to bed
know that Santa's coming
with reindeer and a sled

Presents still need wrapping
are hidden everywhere
it's 3 a.m. and counting
just need an easy chair

Parcels needing placement
I feel like being sick
my kids believe in Rudolph
are anxious for St. Nick

No doubt they'll be up early
excited little brats
suppose I will be cranky
can't seem to catch a nap

Bah Humbug!


Rose Marie Streeter 2004



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