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~ A Christmas Prayer ~

Dear Lord, it's been three months
since hurricane Katrina went through
and the folks that lived there, know not what to do.
Some are still scattered throughout this great land
still waiting for a helping hand.

They have no place to call a permanent home
wanting a place to settle down and no more to roam.
They were pushed here and there
from one place to another
Families separated from dad, mom, sister and brother.

Now the Christmas season is coming so fast
and all they have left is memories from the past.
Dear Lord in heaven you know their need
reach down and comfort them, this I do plead.

Some may be sick and some may be cold
some are young and some are old.
Lord, these are your children in great distress
they need your touch and need to be blessed

Of this one thing I am sure, and it's very clear
they won't have much for Christmas this year.
So Lord I am asking you to give them a brand new start
and let them know of your love deep in their hearts

And now I close this prayer to you
at this time and season
Knowing, that if it weren't for you,
there'd be no reason.


DeVota H.Littrell 2005

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