~ It's Christmas Time ~

Christmas time is coming, snow is on the ground
still in other places there is sunshine all around.
People out shopping trying to find that special gift
for their loved ones giving their hearts a lift.

But our men and women are fighting
in a far off distance land
Trying to keep the peace and freedom
that only we here in America can understand.

They can't be with their loved ones
in this Christmas season.
But let us not get caught up in our shopping
so much that we forget the reason.

Jesus was born upon this earth
on a cold and winters night
And three wise men found Him
by following a star so bright.

The story of His birth and life
we all know so well
And we'll pass it on to others
to our friends and loved ones we will tell.

So to all service men and women
to all our friends far and near
To the on-line friends we also have
all of you are so very dear.

So to all of you, we just want to say
may God bless all of you
and give you a
Merry Christmas Day !!


DeVota H.Littrell 2004


Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2005