~ Oh, Christmas Tree ~

On Christmas Eve, I went to find a tree
Under the bright stars, it was waiting for me
It stood six feet tall and I could smell the pine
It was meant for me, so I made it mine.

When I brought it home,
My children laughed with glee
They wanted to help
Trim the Christmas tree

The lights came first
Green, red, yellow, purple and blue
It was so big and bright, the best in town to view
Then came the tinsel, silver, gold and green
It truly was lovely to see

We threw shiny icicles all over the branches
Falling snow and stars
So pretty and gay
Making our tree sparkle on this Christmas Day

I looked out the window it started to snow
I could see Santa on his sleigh
Flying from roof top, to roof top
With reindeer leading the way.

Then I found the miniature village
With things from the past
Little decorated houses to place under the tree
Trains that run and little people
Just looking at me
Figures who ski down through the snow
Little children having a sleigh ride
High in the air, across the sky

Then the white angel with halo of gold
I love so much
Right on the very top
She makes the crowning touch

When all the lights come on
It is the most beautiful scene
We all sing "Oh, Christmas Tree"
So happy together, this Christmas Eve


Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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