~ Claim The Promise ~

When God in all His tenderness,
Listens to us pray,
He takes the burden that we feel,
And tosses it away.

He thinks upon the blessings,
That He can send to you,
And He holds you even tighter,
So His strength will get you through.

Right now I know the heavy load,
Seems much too great to bear,
But with Jesus by your side,
He'll take your load of care.

In the presence of the Master,
As we kneel before His throne,
You'll feel your burden lifted,
And you'll never feel alone.

So claim the promise that He gave,
And hold on and believe.
As you pray for healing everyday,
He'll bring you great relief.

And when the battle has been won,
And you claim the victory,
Then you can shout from the mountain top,
That God has set you free.


Karen Bunker
July 27, 2007


 Midi is Jamal's Musical Compositions

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