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~ Come And Go With Me ~
I am walking up the Kings highway
But I want you to come along
Not because I am alone
But I feel it's where you belong.
There's no pitfalls on this road
It's a very smooth way to go
For the King himself
Is walking on this very road.
If we stay close by His side
He will take us all the way
To the land He's promised us
Where saints and angels stay.
It is a haven for the weary
When we lay those burdens down
What a time of great rejoicing
With our Savior we have found.
So come and join me now
Please do not delay
For the time is now upon us
When He'll catch his bride away.
Only those He finds walking
Up the great highway to Him
Will be carried by His angels
That's when our life will really begin.
So come along on this journey
There's a payday at the end
When this world is gone forever
We will live and reign with Him.



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