~ Conquering Fear ~

Time to feed?
I headed out, my duties to perform.
Gathered up the bucket;
And took off with my corn.

I hadn't made it to the barn,
When much to my demise,
There it was, with head held high,
Right before my eyes.

Terror struck as our eyes met,
A stand-off? One on one?
It didn't take me long to know,
Which one of us would run.

I leaped into the air a foot,
As if to jump a hurdle.
It's then, I suddenly realized,
I'd just lost my girdle!

As it wrapped around my heels, I ran,
Sweat pouring off my brow.
I'd lost my bucket on the way,
Must get that thing some-how.

Standing riveted to the ground,
I decided the path to take.
I'd go the loooong way around,
And I'd take my trusty rake.

My heart had finally calmed a bit,
So I peeked around the gate.
He wasn't there, I had prayed a prayer.
That'll teach you? ole black snake!

The moral of this story is:
Before you turn to run,
Stand your ground, don't back down,
Losing girdles is no fun.

Marie Williams
 2003 used with permission



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