~ The Craftsman ~

A person that is a craftsman
Is proud of a job well done
Their work is creating
Their birthright in the sun.

Creating work is their delight
Remembering that golden day
When all work was created by the Master
In a loving and devotional way.

Creating for the sake of their spirit
With dignity and love of their trade
Feeling everything they create
Are the things that God has made.

They see beauty with eyes wide open
And the joy of their work worth-while
All drudgery of their toil forgotten
Feeling the love of God, and they smile.

God gives honor to the craftsman
Giving them a wonderful talent to work
They thank God for the happiness it brings
In creating all the lovely and beautiful things


Glenna M. Baugh 2005
Living by Faith


Midi is by Andy Klapwyk

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