Tonight as I was writing
something caught my eye
much bigger than a cockroach
thought for sure I'd die

My eyes grew big as saucers
"what the heck is that?"
panic taking over
wish I had a cat

Slowly it was creeping
I'm sure I held my breath
this ugly looking critter
scared me half to death

It had a beard and whiskers
a bod two inches long
had hopes that it would vacate
go back where it came from

On the sofa was a pillow
soon it hit the floor
the bug crept out from under
was coming back for more

I tossed another pillow
he didn't mind abit
now, my heart was pounding
afraid that it might quit

This creepy crawlie creature
waltzed across the floor
fly swatter now my weapon
I throttled him some more

A rugged blow I gave him
still he wouldn't quit
screamed so loud, I scared me
'n nearly lost my wits

My biggest fear for certain
he'd spread those wings and fly
gave me eebie jeebies
felt shaky on inside

His beady eyes were staring
a challenge was in place
had to kill this culprit
again my heart did race

Slowly, raised my leg up
came down like ton of bricks
finally, he was mincemeat
sides were mashed and split

The moral of this story
is keep raid by your side
for creepy crawlie critters
who just refuse to die

True Story...:)

Rose Marie Streeter 2005


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Set by 2006