~ Daddy's Are For Loving ~

Daddy's are for loving
Daddy's very strong
My Daddy is so special
My Daddy's name is love

Daddy tells me it's alright
Without a word to say
He just has to be there
And everything's okay

Daddy's are for fixing
They know what's best to do
I just trust him anyway
That is what is true

We don't talk so very much
Somehow I think he understands
I don't know why or such
My Daddy is a man

Daddy's are for doing stuff
We get out and play
He is so full of fun and laughs
I want Daddy every day.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

A Father who is truly "there" for his children is a
"Tower of Strength" for his little ones.
The storms of life will blow against the family unit,
and no one can stand them as calmly as a dad
who is sure of his place in the universe.
Taking his place and seeing his role to his children
as our Heavenly Father is to his people,
causes a strength that leads to security, rest, and discovery.

F- Faithful - Living for others....
A- Always - loving his family....
T- Talks - to God about everything....
H- Heart- set on things that will last....
E- Earnest- he seeks wisdom from above....
R- Reflects - God's love and light....

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Ralph P. Merrifield New Hope Music Copyright 2003

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