~ Dear Jesus, Here Me Calling ~

Dear Jesus here me calling, when I'm all alone
Comfort, as I cry,
for you stand by my side
I have seen divine love, shine in your eyes
You have been close by, every phase of my life
Never can you think
of saying good-bye

Dear Jesus, hear me crying, when skies are gray
Help me forgive, those who hurt yesterday,
In so many ways, I love you Jesus,
as I know you will love me always

Wash away my sadness, help my dreams come true
You gave my heart,
a life that is new
You are so beautiful, from you I cannot part

Dear Jesus, here me calling,
in the dark of the night
Come hold me close, then I'll be alright
You are my forgiving friend
though I can't hear your reply

When I am sad and call your holy name
I hear you weeping,
in the lightning, thunder, rain
Then when dawn breaks, I see the glory which is you
Guide and protect, in your heart I will stay
I know you will keep me
'Til that wonderful day


Linda Ann Henry 2008
Do you remember me
The people's poet



Tubes by PixelsByJudy
Image used is by artist John William Waterhouse,
{British 1849-1917}

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