~ Decorating The Tree ~

It's time to get out our Christmas tree
Get the ornaments, the tinsel, the lights
I'll put some music on the stereo
We'll decorate our tree tonight.

We'll hang the wreaths upon our windows
And put candles underneath each one
Everything will look so beautiful
I can't wait until it's all done.

Okay, let's start with the tree
"Honey will you get the lights.
What's that you say, they're all tangled up
Oh my goodness, that is such a sight!"

For hours we sit and untangle them
Just to find several strands that were out
No time to check each and every bulb
On to the store - take the shortest route.

Now we have all new strands
Putting them on the tree seems such a chore
Hubby has managed to break our ornaments
There's shards of glass all over the floor.

Oh now he's gone and done it
He's cut his foot and he's in pain
I guess I better tend to him
I think I'm going insane!

"Sit down sweetheart and let me doctor your foot
The decorations can wait awhile
You know this doesn't look too good
Yes sweetie, the doctor is who I just dialed.

You just sit there with the ice on your foot
Keep it elevated, that's what the doc said
I can do the decorating by myself
You say you want to go to bed?"

The tree and I are now alone
I know I can do this myself
I finally managed to get the lights on the tree
Will you look, the tinsel is on that shelf!!

Out to the garage to fetch the ladder
To retrieve the items on high
I've got to be careful not to fall
Who would ever hear if I cried!

Lights and tinsel now adorn the tree
Oh my, it is a pretty sight
Hang all the ornaments up with care
Make sure they're hanging just right!

Just a few more things to do inside
Like hanging the stockings on the fireplace
The mistletoe is hung above the door
I've been going at such a pace.

All that's left is to hang the wreaths
I'm too tired to do anything more
I have to admit the tree looks beautiful
Did I just hear the clock chime four?

"Sweetheart wake up. It's nine o'clock
You fell asleep on the family room floor
I hung the wreaths upon the windows
My foot's okay! Can I do something more?"

"Uh-huh, okay, whatever you say
Does everything look all right?
I think I'll go on up to bed
Merry Christmas Sweetheart and goodnight!"

Chee Chee Martin 2005


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