Dedicated to your precious little one

~ I Didn't Ever Leave You ~

It may feel I was taken from your arms
That a whisper swept me far away
To drift forever from your life
Into an unknown day

Oh, but I never ever left your heart
Our spirit's are ordained
To be entwined as one
There is no other way

For God has promised us forever
In Jesus we will always stay
There is no separation
Where you are I will remain

For there is no place nor space
Between, embedded now to keep
Though you may grieve in sorrow
And your heart may sadly weep

But, this can never mean
I am not near, because you cannot see
It is merely the blink of my little eye
And you are here with me

For always and forever
On and on, eternity in you
And me, where time is never time
God has made it to be true

Softest Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

With your heart you can see



Brought to you by 2006