~ I'm A Dixie Rebel ~

I have the grace of a true Southern Belle
but back up buster and hear my Rebel yell
You may think I'm redneck and loud...
Hey, that's 'cause I'm Dixie and proud!

When our Beaus come to woo and court
they take us to all the main sports
It may seem kinda' strange to y'all
but we sure do love our football

From Texas A&M to Tiger's LSU
I'm a football lover through and through
When a tail gate party's goin' on
we party hearty, strong and long!

Most of our fun is totally free
like a big ol' sand bar par-tee
when the ol' Red's flow is low
sand bar partying is where we go

Y'all won't see friends in Louisiana or Texas
drivin' 'round in Caddys or a Lexus ...
No way man ... no such luck
We be cruisin' in a pick up truck

Sometimes we party way till dawn
when a mud bug party's goin' on
We got jambalaya, crawfish pie and dirty rice
and a few long necks make it mighty nice

Here where the girls are called Bobbi and Billie
Just try our Louisiana red hot chili
and down at the Red River Revel
we got food hotter 'n the devil

Here with Cyprus and Magnolia trees
we still say thank you and please
It may have a Louisiana or Texas twang
but that's how we talk, sweet thang...

You're always welcome, no matter what
just come on in, "bless your heart"
kick your shoes off and stay awhile
everyone's welcome here, honey chil'

Where hearts are young and never grow old
I'm a Dixie Rebel forever in my soul ...
Incredible Rebel, that's me!
Livin' forever in the heart of Dixie!

Barbara LaBarbera 2004

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