~ Do It My Way ~

I am not an appliance you keep in a chest
You're treating me as one, which makes me helpless
I give you all that you would ever want or need
All I ask is that you let me do it at my own speed.

Sometimes I am tired and my mind needs a rest
But still I will always give you my best
The love when needed or just making you a snack
All you ever need to do is just ask.

You know I will always be in love with you
I will try my best in all that I do
Never have I doubted the love that I receive
You make me feel wanted as well needed.

But the past comes back to haunt me that's why I say
I have seen the switch installed one scary day
Just like most appliances I was breaking down a lot
But let me do it my way and you will want for naught.


Gary Salter 2005

Midi 1997 by Marty Fancher

Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2005