Do You Feel?

Has your world around you crumbled?
Feeling down, and lost in despair?
Can't see a rainbow ahead in the distance?
Don't worry, God will meet you there.

So you've made mistakes all your lifetime
Done some things that no one would do
You say to yourself you're not worthy
Of any love given to you

You keep telling yourself you are rotten,
And why should anyone care?
But to Jesus you're His only child
He loves you, and is always there

Do you feel that you're a mistake?
Can't figure out just why you're here?
Well Jesus knows why He made you
So trust that, and lose all that fear

Though you can't see ahead in the distance
The way your life will turn out
Be certain, God knows where you're heading
And what roads you've traveled about

He has given us free will to choose
So be careful which pathway you roam
For in the end, He's always the leader
And steers us, where it is, we should go

If you'll just give your heart to the Father
He'll remember your errors no more
Those mistakes will no longer be counted
He'll give comfort, so walk through His door

Pick your head up, and see you are worthy
You are special to God just the same
Doesn't matter where you have come from
It just matters you called out His name

Debbie Looney 2005
Dream World of Inspiration


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