If not for you my heart would weep
If not for you,
Alone I cry
A dramatic pause in life, to wonder why,
Empty inside.
Drifting on an unknown sea,
Swept on the tide
Left, shall I die
As the world rushes by.

Yet, is that a tiny sparkle out there I see
Maybe shining down for me,
A glow within my sight
One remaining mystery
Hidden beyond
This deepest night
Where there is no light.

Oh how much I need to find
A gentleness kind,
Reaching inside
Melting my heart,
Someone there
Somewhere to guide
Stretching out wide
With arms filled with love
To envelop my heart
A fragrance divine
To be truly mine.

Father take it all
The mask of me that ought to die,
Then put Your life within
Your heart be mine
Take me into Yourself
Forever sublime.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2004

Here I was worrying about my journey, while God was
helping me all the way, making me realize that I am
very weak; my courage can only be from Him, but,
oh, the peace that floods my soul...because I know
that he never faileth. I would not, if I could, turn
back now, because I believe that God is going to
reveal Himself in a wonderful way.
~Gladys Aylward~

God took the worst thing that man could
do to his Son, and transformed it into
the best thing he could do for man.




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