At the closing of another day
After all the caring of your heart
What will you need when all is done
When may the resting start
For every moment you have blessed
Of family friend and kin
What energy have you restored
What of you within
Shall you drift away at eve
To a place apart
Where you can meet with Jesus
To renew your heart
Ah, rest now your every thought
And be refreshed within
Let soft breezes sweep aside
All of where you've been
Drift away my lovely one
Away upon love's stream
All wrapped warm in Jesus' grace
Drift away and dream
Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005
A father and his young daughter were great friends
and much in each other's company.
Then the father noted a change in his daughter.
If he went for a walk,
she excused herself from going. He grieved about it,
but could not understand.
When his birthday came, she presented him with a pair of exquisitely worked slippers,
 "I have made them for you. " Then he understood what had been the matter for the past months,
and he said. "My darling, I like these slippers very much,
but next time I'd so rather you leave the slippers and let me have you all the days.
I would rather have my child
than anything she can make for me.
" Some of us are so busy for the Lord
that He cannot get much of us.
To us He would say, "I know your works, your labor, your patience, but I miss the first Love."
G. Campbell Morgan

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