~ Egbert the Country Ted ~

I'm just a simple kind of country ted
I don't require too much,
Just a little cuppa' tea or two
Mmm...well maybe a teeny bit of fudge...

Not too much though
Or my nose will get a smudge,
I've got to stay beary fluffed up and important
To put on my bravest growly bluff.

You see, my friend says I have the wildest adventures
We've got to share with you
So, come, read a little while,
Of my courage in the beary dark of night
'Twill give you a tinsy twitchy smile.

Ok are you comfy now...let out a cozy sigh..

Soft Whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

~ Egbert And Me ~

At night when I lie fast asleep
My teddy, Egbert, wakes
And sits upon my counterpane
Until the morning breaks
He likes to see I get my rest
For everybody's sakes
So if the pirates smash the door
To steal away my toys
He fights them off with dirk and sword
But very little noise

And if the one-eyed bogeyman
Comes breaking down the wall
He scares him off by looking fierce
But makes no sound at all
And if the wailing ghost flies down
The chimney like a bird
He blows him back with mighty breaths
That simply can't be heard

When, after slumbering, peacefully
I open up my eyes
I see the sun come shining in
And find to my surprise
That Egbert's lost another ear
Upon some enterprise
But when I ask him what he's done
He just looks smug and wise...
~ Author Unknown ~

A bear teaches us that if the heart is true,
it doesn't matter much if an ear drops off.
~ Helen Exley ~

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