~ Empty House ~

As I sit here in this house all alone
Memories of old come to mind.
When the house was full of children
And I didn’t have as much time.

My days were full of motherhood
And being a loving wife!
There was always something to do,
And I was full of life.

Chores to do and errands to run
Boo–boo’s to kiss away!
Meals to cook and ironing to do,
I sure was tired at the end of the day.

Birthday cakes for that special one
With the candles burning bright!
Story time at the end of the day
And I would kiss each one goodnight.

Lunches to pack and breakfast ready,
To send them on their way
Floors to be scrubbed and clothes to wash
There was always something to fill my day.

Now don’t think I am complaining
About all the work I had to do!
'Cause I wouldn’t want it any other way,
It’s what God called me to do!

Leona Etling © 2006


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