~ End Of Time ~

The end of time is close at hand
The Rapture will take place
Jesus will collect the pure of heart
Bodies will vanish without a trace.

All your clothing and worldly belongings
They will all be left behind
Souls will be ascending up to Heaven
Be aware of all the signs.

If you happen to be left behind
Don't fear, it's not too late
Let Jesus come into your heart
You'll pass through Heaven's gate.

The ones left behind will have to endure
The trials and tribulations
A way will be shown to save YOUR soul
A pathway to YOUR salvation.

He wants to save every one of us
But the devil will claim his own
Those people will have to answer one day
For all the seeds that they have sown.

The angels in Heaven will shed some tears
If some of the souls are lost
No longer will they see the light
It's then they'll know the cost.

Their souls will forever be in darkness
Our Father and Jesus, they will never see
No one will hear their desperate cries
No one will ever hear their pleas.

So pay attention and be aware
His light will show you the way
Open your heart and let Him in
Get on your knees and start to pray.

Chee Chee Martin İ 2006

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