~ Through The Eyes Of A Child ~

Looking through the eyes of a child
And wondering what they see,
Is it a world of happiness
Or one of catastrophe?

We know they'll see many shameful things
That they just won't understand,
In a world that's suppose to be loving
But torn apart by almighty man.

Children, by the millions, are paying a price
And are dying from hunger, each day.
Their cries can be heard all over the world.
Why are they suffering that way?

Some kids are left in the streets to die.
Society does not lend a hand
To protect these children from danger;
Impossible to understand!

Our world has become so hardened
That we don't do all we can
To save these children and let them live
As part of the freedom land.

Many go without clothing to wear.
They can't feel the warmth in the night.
Instead, they lay hungry and shivering;
Wee minds that are filled with much fright.

They do not know what tomorrow will bring.
But, for most, it will just be the same;
Hunger, suffering, and left in the street.
We cannot imagine their pain.

Through the eyes of a child, let's all do our part.
Let them know of a world that cares.
The good Lord is doing all that He can.
Of our good life, it's time that we shared.

Valentyne Lang
2002 used with permission





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