~ Fading Away ~

Life starts fading away so fast
And so do the memories
Seconds ticking on a clock
These moments you need to seize.

Like sand filtering through an hourglass
Each granule represents a day
A day in your life, gone forever
They continually fade away.

At the moment of birth you start to die
I know that sounds horrible indeed
But the truth is, with each passing day
It's harder to proceed.

Eventually time and age takes its toll
And our bodies begin to wear
A breakdown of what was created with love
Now has to be handled with care.

Like a sun setting on the horizon
The moon eventually will appear
Bringing forth degrees of darkness
And the passing of the years.

The time will come when we're called home
And our light will diminish then
At least on earth it won't be seen
But in Heaven, we'll begin again.

 Chee Chee Martin İ 2006
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul


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