~ Fallen Hero ~

You carried me on your shoulders
when my little legs were weak.
You taught me how to swing a bat,
took me fishing in the creek.

And any time that I was scared
you'd hold me in your arms,
I never had a single doubt,
you'd keep me safe from harm.

You were my biggest hero,
you taught me right from wrong,
I never once heard you complain
when I'd ask to tag along.

I never thought I'd see the day
when I'd not be by your side,
but the Army took you far away,
leaving me at home to cry.

I loved it when you wrote to me,
it helped to ease my pain,
I wished the time would hurry
so that you'd be home again.

Today mom called me to her room,
her voice shook as she cried,
“I don't know how to tell you,
but my son, your brother died.

He was going through a battle zone,
an enemy through a grenade;
He never even stopped to think
for he had his men to save.”

I screamed and ran outside
"Please, God, let me die!"
I wanted just to be with you,
I prayed this was a lie.

Then a voice came softly,
I heard the words so clear,
“Little brother I'll never leave you,
I'll always be right here.

I had an important job to do
and in dying I saved many lives.
I'll see you before you know it
in that Heaven beyond the skies.

But now you must be strong,
for you have a life to live.
I taught you how to be a man
and you have so much to give.”

I felt such peace come over me
for I knew those words were true.
My brother is still my hero
for he did what he had to do.


Forrest Phelps-Cook
© 2005
Reflections From The Heart

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