~ Farewell For Now ~

We knew this day would come,
It's time for me to say goodbye...
Not sure how long I'll be gone,
Or if I'll even be back this way...
I'm leaving that up to the Lord.

Thank you for your love,
Friendship, and support...
The patience and kindness
You've shown...
Makes it hard to move on,
But I know I must go.

You'll always hold a special place,
In this heart of mine...
You'll be in my thoughts;
No matter how much time
May go by or how long I'm away.

You have truly been a blessing,
A part of God's plan, in my life...
Please don't worry about me;
For I will be just fine...
Even though, it's you I'll be missing.

Farewell for now, please take care
Remember God loves you, and so do I.

Sandra Ann Cauley
September 8, 2006






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