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~ Feelings Delicate ~
Strong and hard, I am supposed to be
To feel any hurt, no one should see
I am a man, so feelings are well hidden
To even cry is something forbidden

But should I be feeling I am the ruin of all
That I am the one that has caused the fall
It is easy to blame me, as I should feel nothing
A break down, you shouldn't even see it coming

I have to take it, with a smile and apology
Does not matter if it was because of me
It is easier to blame the man for all
As he is the one supposed to take the fall

Please look at the damage that has been done
To a heart that only wants to love another one
Delicate feelings are what are really there
So please remember that I really do care

Men have feelings that are hurt so easily
We may not show it, for that's not supposed to be
But ladies remember that we are just human
We make mistakes....but not all of them


Gary Salter 2005





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