~ First Grade ~

Jake and his friend,
His best buddy of course
Were off to school
For better or worse

Both were excited
As two boys can be
'Til the first bell rang
Now let's wait and see...

They were very good,
For a minute or so:
But Jake decided
It was time to go!

Go where? Asked his friend
a bit disturbed,
Back out to the swings...
Or haven't you heard?

There's just you and me now
And we can choose
which of these swings
Are we gonna use?

It was a short lived trip
The boys were a takin'
The school teacher grabbed them
Gave them a shakin'

Now see here fellas
You've a lot to learn,
You can't leave the room
"Til I say it's your turn!

Now back in your seats
And get something to do
Color a picture
or maybe a few...

Suddenly, the bell rang
time to go play,
This cheered them up
It made their day.

For they found a frog
Sittin' in the grass
Brought it back in the room
Scared the whole class!

The teacher was mad now
The frog loose in the room,
She tried then to kill it
with the handle of a broom!

But she missed
And it jumped right on her
The class was a laughin'
made quite a stir

It took a quick leap
and was out of sight
Right into her dress,
She turned to the class
and yelled

Betty Hill 2006

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