~ That Flippin' Ute ~

Before I went to school,
We had a bommy ute,
It was an antique classic,
And I thought that it was beaut.
It had brown leather seats
Round dials in the dash,
Squeaky window wipers,
But no winker lights to flash.

You see attached inside each door
Was this funny flippy thing,
If you went around a corner
You'd give it a little fling
I reckon they were special fun,
So I played with them a lot,
Didn't matter if we turned a corner
Or idled on the spot.

It's cute how these recollections
Linger in our mind
I like to go back and visit,
Memories that are kind.
My Mum and I spent many nights,
Waiting snug inside the cab
For the tractor lights to come close,
So my Daddy we could nab.

When my brother was at the bus stop,
We'd back out the trusty ute,
And trundle down the paddock to get him,
It was the shortest route.
I can still hear the crackly radio,
Playing a quirky song,
"Mama I wanna' drink of water"
And so we sang along.

That ute must have been a bomb,
For the junk heap was it's end,
Dad bulldozed the scrap together,
All the stuff he couldn't mend.
I'd visit my forlorn old friend,
It was a perfect place to hide,
But the flippers didn't swing....
Cause old ute
was flipped over
resting on his side.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
 2002 used with permission

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