~ Fly With Me ~

Life can be unpretty
and really get us down
listen as I speak to you
shhhh, don't make a sound
My wings were too once broken
'n everything seemed wrong
nothing in life is easy
that's why you must be strong

Let me try and help you
until your wings can mend
come on now and fly with me
I want to be your friend

Together we'll soar o're mountains
higher and higher we'll glide
reach for the sky and your dreams
feel your spirit come alive

Spread your wings and fly with me
there's nothing we can't do
believe that you can make it
rewards will come to you

Life can give us heartache
until we want to die
giving up is no answer
be determined to survive

Pick yourself up and start over
set all troubles aside
nothing is impossible
spread your wings and fly








 Fairy Waltz
Copyright 2000
Geoff Anderson

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