~ Footprints In The Snow ~

Life is like footprints in the snow
It doesn't matter if you are young or old

You can see where you have been
And, did you know, one of those footprints was a sin

As I walked in fresh fallen snow and I slipped and almost fell
I felt a tug as Jesus grabbed me by my soul and saved me from Hell

As I started to walk again and I saw where I had been
I saw my life meet up with me and where I slipped and sometimes fell,
that is where I sinned

Give your heart and soul to Jesus, I ask of you today
As you do, just listen for Jesus, as He will tell you,
 "Come, my child! Let's Pray"

Jesus will tell you to ask, seek and knock
and I will save you from all of your sins
Please, turn around people and look at YOUR footprints
 and take a good look at where you have just been

Walk away from Satan so Jesus can hold you so you don't slip and fall
Put your hand in Jesus' hand, stand up so you too,
 can once more, walk tall

Vicki Wood 1/26/03
used with permission

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