~ Forever And A Day ~
Forever and a day you will be with me
My heart is yours to keep
I love you so much, sometimes I often weep
I see your brown eyes looking at my very soul
Can I hold you and never let you go
Forever and a day, I will feel you
You do not leave my side
A part of me will always be
Shining in your eyes
Your hands are so gentle
Your face is so very dear
Take me in your arms
Let us walk away without fear
Forever and a day
You are in my mind
We will be together
Forever beyond time
You are so beautiful and true
I could only live my life
If I can stay with you
Dance with me in the morning
Dance with me at night
Forever and a day I will hold you
For it is you who makes things right
Do you remember me
The people's poet
Written for a friend who sees the beauty of life.



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