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~ Forever In My Dreams ~

I may be awake doing everyday what the day brings
Yet my mind seems to be on only one thing
The look in your eyes when last our gaze lingered
And the tenderness from the touch of your fingers.

My dreams of the night, as you float at my side
Then on through the day, your presence cannot hide
For in my heart you stay through all time, with me or not
Every word you have said to me, I never forgot.

We may not see each other for many days on end
Yet in sleep, still at my side, my heartache you mend
So with us apart or standing at each other's side
You are always with me from morning till night.

Forever in my dreams you will always be found
I feel you there, even if you never make a sound
Whether the sun shines or the moon is all dark
I know there's nothing that could ever tear us apart

Gary Salter 2006

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