~ Forever In Us All ~

So many ways we may stray the path
Weak of body with mind forever last.
Spirit is strong in our true faith
The Lord is leading us to heaven's gate.

The path may be hard and sometimes we get lost
But we should follow it, no matter what the cost.
Weak of body, we pray for more strength
The pain may tempt us to think or relent.

People around make all the decisions
Looking within their minds, their guilt is given.
Treat me as if I don't have a brain
To discourage me from dancing in the rain.

Strength is given by our undying faith
True belief are exactly what it takes.
To do the chores that he has given us
As with all creatures, spread your love.

I have followed this path till the end
With his love, I don't have to pretend.
All that he gives me, I didn't take
There wasn't any reason for me to complain.

It is the time to open your weary heart
Let his love heal, let him give it a start.
Lessons have shown me that no matter the road
He will be with us, to help carry the load.

Forever and ever he will do his magic
Giving to us time to learn, only the basics.
Leave the pain of body, to open up your mind
To open up the strength, that we can rarely find.

The strength of belief may heal all wounds
Maybe even wish that you were finally through.
Though in the end, all seems worth such a price
To be able to have heaven's gates in our site.


Gary Salter 2005



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