~ Forever Words ~

God, and words are my refuge
Writing inspiration, is my friend
Touching hearts for Jesus, reminds me
That my soul will never end

Lines of Love I type, on this computer
Will keep me here forever more
Even when I leave for Heaven
Others will remember, my words will soar

So if I help one person to realize
That there is more ahead to look forward to
And that life here is merely temporary
It would have been worth writing, a line or two

I believe this has been my purpose
The purpose God has intended for me
Touching hearts, and giving hope to someone
That I may never meet, or see

My words may bring a hope, not seen ahead
When turmoil strikes, or worry may bloom
Words to save a life, or give a hug
Where previously giving up, for some, did loom

Life can be very unpredictable, and cold
When we least expect it, when all is said
This is where the words God has given me comes in
And may allow someone, with hope, to look ahead

So God, and words are my refuge
I see now, this life was meant to be
Not knowing in the past, this I was meant for
Touching hearts, Of those I would never see


Debbie Looney 2005





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