~ Forgive ~

So safe inside your arms.
You are everything to me, you know.
Drawn in by all your charms.

Every day I watch our love grow.
I love you, Each day, I trust you more.
That is all I can do. My beautiful angel I adore.

Each day it hurts less and less.
Forget about the past mistakes,
We're slowly cleaning up this mess.
I know we have what it takes.

To get passed this, I just need a little time to heal.
Love's there in every kiss...
To help sort out the way I feel.

I have learned to forgive,
I will always love you
And I know our love will live...

I will be forever true.
So please be patient with me.
I love you

And I can do this you'll see.
I forgive you.  

Mandi Starr   2/27/06




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