~ The Forgiveness Of Jesus ~

We are all born like an innocent child
Created because of His love
And when we make a mistake
No matter how big that it is
If we ask, Jesus will always forgive

The forgiveness of Jesus
Is as big as the ocean is wide
We all have sinned
But The Lord will protect you and I

Every morning at sunrise
The glory of a new day will start
And all we need do is believe
That Jesus will stay in our heart

The love of Jesus is our greatest gift
Animals are also Jesus' gift to us
Birds fly as do the butterflies above
The flowers, grass and bumble bees
Are all of Jesus' love

There is no-one as loving
As The King of Kings
Let us pray for those who are lost
Take the hand of one who has sinned
Help them see the spirit of God the Father
He will always forgive
Those who are truly sorry within

May we live in peace, happiness and love
May Jesus keep us from the evil of men
May His light come into our soul
Then we will see the kingdom of Heaven

Because Jesus paid for our sin on the cross
His blood and tears are part of our heart
Be glad our Lord can forgive us of anything
All we need do, is ask.


Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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