~ If It Were Not For God's Love ~

I would not have a prayer to be answered,
I would not have the peace of eternity with Him,
When I lost a loved one, I would not know for sure if
I would see them again,
I would not have the joy of forgiven sin,
I would stumble through the dark,
I would be without refuge,
without love,
If it were not for my God,
my heart would be lost,
no understanding,
no song of praise,
never singing hallelujah!
never knowing why creation was made,
Not being able to be carried through trials of life,
You see with my God,
I am forgiven!
Am found,
Am rich with His love,
have the joy ,for I know where I am going,
Heaven is my home,
Because of God's Love for me, and for you.
I sing hallelujah!
For it is for God,
for the cross, I see my salvation,
He made a way for answered prayers,
I am called His family,
His friend,
Because I believed that Jesus shed His blood on the cross for me!


Dianna 2003
used with permission



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