~ For My Valentine ~

To show my love on Valentine's Day
Much I want to do as well as say
To remember the promises I've spoken
Let you know they were not just token

My heart for you, I will polish the key
Showing you still have that part of me
That it is stronger than the day we met
My love for you I could never forget

My soul I will share more than before
As I have done since you entered my door
In unity they have grown more each day
For an eternity perfect mates we stay

My body belongs to you for all your needs
Not just in passion, though lovely it is
To be your servant more on this day
Ready to be of help to you in any way

The Lord has blessed us with one another
It is his spirit that keeps us together
To share our love without any question
We have together learned a valuable lesson

So again on Valentines Day I will repeat
All these truths for you I do keep
On one knee I will again swear my love
To you my angel my blessing from above

Gary Salter 2006



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