Happiness......May life be
the garden of your dreams


There is a little happiness
And it has a name
But it must be nurtured
And it must be tamed
It cannot be neglected
Or the dream will not be true
For it to be a garden
It is kept by me and you


We may find it in a friendship
Of someone very sweet
And as it is eternal
Then the sunshine we will keep
It will smile in our tomorrows
And blossom from the past
Today it shall be yours and mine
A pleasure that will last


Friendship.......A smile is like sunshine, it makes everything blossom

Commitment....What matters most in life comes from the heart


It's source is of commitment
And it can never age
Renewed on every dawn
It's power cannot change
A strong man cries a tear
And a woman wastes away
For the tender heart
We all want to convey



You must have guessed the riddle
Of this happiness to find
In you and I it blooms
And all those truly kind
We do not mine to find it
For it showers from above
As the Father touches us
With His perfect gift of love

Love.....Treat those you touch with love and watch them bloom

Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Love is written in volumes three
The past, the present, and yet to be
Past love is written, laid away
The present love we're living day to day
And yet to be, the everlasting love of volumes three
We know, yet what more is hidden from our sight
God's love holds the key!!




Midi Monalisa-Nat King Cole

Images used with permission, courtesy of Art.com


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